Thursday Doubleheader

The rain never let up Wednesday evening…leading to a rainout and a doubleheader for Thursday. The first game of the doubleheader with the Cleveland Indians begins at 5:10 p.m. Thursday with the second game starting 30 minutes following the conclusion of the first.

The pitching matchups for the DH:

GAME 1: Carmona vs. Tomko
GAME 2: Lee vs. Bannister

Any fans holding a ticket for Wednesday’s rainout game can redeem their tickets for any Royals regular season game, including Thursday’s DH.

Those of you who were already planning on atttending Thursday’s game are getting a treat: your ticket is good for both games!


I am an x-Missourian who has liked the Royals for a long time. I am not a specialist on Baseball, but I am an avid sports fanatic. It is my real feeling that KC should get rid of
Brett Tomko. I have not seen much success from him on any team he has pitched for. While I do not support Tomko, I am a real backer for Grieneke (sp). Thanks for the opportunity to spout off. lw

Doubleheaders are great, I wish there were more of them scheduled, but most teams won’t do it because it gives two games for the price of one. Here’s to hoping for more rain which in turn would bring more doubleheaders!

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