Great First Day

We’ll do anything to hasten spring, it seems. If you forgot to set your clocks ahead an hour, it might be because Daylight Saving Time hit early this year (part of an energy plan passed by Congress). That gave us a strange weekend of frigid wind chills on Saturday morning and a late, summer-like sunset the very next day. Maybe it feels like we’re forcing spring out of the longest winter in years. But that’s okay. Because there really were some brave souls who stood in line for tickets at Kauffman Stadium early Saturday morning on the first day single-game tickets went on sale. Most clicked on to, of course. And called 1-800-6ROYALS. Opening Day against the Yankees on April 8 went fast. Royals Nation bought 11 percent more the first day than last (and 41 percent more than 2006). Our sales people tell us we’re up 12 percent from this time last year in all ticket sales. That’s about 100,000 tickets more than at this point in ’07. We’re ready for a new season, you bet. On the calendar and at the K. Thanks for your support.

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It just shows how great and passionate Royals fans are..Put a good product out there and the K fill start filling up…Go Royals. kudos to David Glass for allowing Dayton Moore to add some pieces to the puzzle.

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