Happy MLK Day

Greetings from home. I haven’t seen this place in a while. Many of us in the Royals front office have a day to rest after many weeks and months preparing for our first-ever Royals FanFest. The Club is also supporting activities honoring the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. And then there are those who can’t rest until mid-week. Megan Stock, Josh Diekmann, Lora Grosshans and Ben Aken from our community affairs and publicity department (the acronym is CAP!) are taking current Royals and alumni out on the third and fourth legs of our annual Winter Caravan. They’ll be in Nebraska and Kansas after successful caravans last week to Missouri and Arkansas. Many thanks to all who are spreading the message that the Royals season is not that far off. Many thanks to the nearly 10,000 attendees who exceeded our expectations for the inaugural FanFest. And many thanks for an occasional day of rest. — Toby Cook, VP of CAP

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