The only problem with updating this blog everyday is that sometimes the previous day’s post becomes, well, yesterday’s news in a flash. Make that 34 days ’til Royals FanFest. Or 33 or 32, depending on when you’re reading this over the weekend. We’ll update this Monday with more Royals news. By the way, only ten more shopping days ’til Christmas. Or 9 or 8 if you’re reading this…


AHHH…Were are the Powder Blues? I want to buy but I can’t find…

Dayton–deals to make:

a. B. Inge–German and move Inge to 1B. A powerful RH/LH balanced lineup.

b. Sign Matt Wise and T. Miller for the BP

c. Pick from these SP’s:

a. Anthony Reyes

b. Noah Lowry

c. S. Marcum (Exclesior Springs)

d. Chris Capuano

e. Sign C. Silva only if can get his price down

Will cost you DeJesus and could include following: K. Davies, de la Rosa, Gload, Gaithright, M. Aviles and even someone like Hochevar. Make these moves, which should be win-win for all clubs, and the Royals’ offense, SP, and BP will be much improved.

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