FanFest Planning Picks Up

Only 35 days.Kc_ff_logo_12_07_crop_2

Yes, as of Thursday, we have just more than a month until the 2008 Royals FanFest. With that in mind, the planning for the two-day event has kicked into high gear and we have a few updates that we thought you might be interested in knowing…

Friday, Jan. 18 – 4-9 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 19 – 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Look for tickets for the event to go on sale soon…

Here is the first list of players that are scheduled to flash smiles and sign autographs:
Pitcher John Bale
Outfielder David DeJesus
Outfielder Mitch Maier
Pitcher Brian Bannister
Pitcher Brandon Duckworth
Pitcher Neal Musser
Pitcher Ryan Braun
Outfielder Joey Gathright
First Baseman Ryan Shealy
Catcher John Buck
Pitcher Luke Hochevar
Infielder Jason Smith
Pitcher Luke Hudson
Outfielder Mark Teahen
Outfielder Shane Costa
Pitcher Tyler Lumsden

And, of course, keep checking for more updates as we get closer…


Ticket prices!?! What? I thought it was free.

Yeah. I thought this was free as well. If it isn’t then it should be.

No other team’s fanfest is free, not sure why the Royals would be. All proceeds go to Royals Charities so admission fees are no big deal to me. Besides, no admission means a terrible experience for everybody. If it’s free there will be a ton of people there that really don’t need to be there. Super long lines, crowded venues, security issues, etc will result if it’s free. Ten bucks or less is reasonable (about what all other teams charge) and will keep the crowds a little more manageable (while still huge, I’m sure).
— Andy

^^ Nice points. I was under the impression that other team’s fanfest were free. As long as it isn’t $25, I’ll be good.

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