Powder Blues Unveiled

D20_4008John Buck, with a little smirk, said they were "manly."

Mark Teahen cited the tradition and how important they were to the fans.

Alex Gordon…well, aside from the powder blue, he seemed pretty pleased to be sporting his old No. 4 again.

D20_4020 And, David DeJesus? Oh, he pretty much smiled for the few hundred season ticket holders in attendance Thursday night, and that seemed to say it all!

The four Royals players helped the club unveil the new alternate home jerseys for 2008, donning new powder blue jerseys during an exclusive event in The Grand Ballroom in downtown Kansas City.

As well as unveiling the jerseys, the team also introduced the season ticket holders to another new addition to the Royals: newly signed outfielder Jose Guillen. Guillen surprised the crowd with an appearance – in powder blue, of course – and received his first Kansas City standing ovation.D20_4095

If you haven’t already, check out this photo gallery from the unveiling and we’ll get more photos up on the event later today.


They look great! Can’t wait to see more photos.

Since all the Royals players were wearing ‘Pajama Pants” can someone tell me what color the socks/stirrups will be?

Oh my God those are ugly. Please don’t. Just bring back the original Powder Blues. The powder blue with blue lettering is awful.

please bring back the powder blue PANTS, too!! They look horrible with the white pants. If you’re going to do it, do it right, not halfway!! I’m a big fan of the old powder blues, but with the white pants, it looks lokie pajamas. please take a fan poll before going out in those!!

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