A Day with Trey

Royals Manager Trey Hillman told us he could handle a lot. So, while he was in Kansas City for a quick visit on Friday, we took him up on that challenge, packed his morning with events and loaded him up on coffee (and cough drops to fight a little cold). So, what’s it like to spend a day with the Royals new manager at a handful of community holiday events? Well, here we go…

D20_4210STOP 1: Salvation Army Radio-a-thon at George Brett’s on the Plaza
At 8 a.m., Trey found himself sitting next to morning radio show host D.A. from 610 Sports, swapping stories and sharing a little insight on what fans should expect from the Royals in 2008. The on-air appearance was part of the annual Salvation Army Radio-a-thon, which raises awareness for Salvation Army and the Red Kettle campaign. As Trey dished about transitioning from Japan to America, the new signings the Royals made at the just-completed Winter Meetings and the unveiling of the new Powder Blue jerseys, donations from radio listeners poured in and Salvation Army volunteers rang bells outside the door.

While D.A. fired off questions, Trey found himself sipping some tea, nursing a small cold that has developed from all the travel the new skipper has been doing. With that being said, after Trey chatted with Hall of Famer George Brett and said his goodbyes to the Salvation Army volunteers, we all hit a pharmacy down the street…D20_4199

STOP 2: Kansas City-area Pharmacy
Several bags of cough drops, Kleenex and…hair gel? Before going on camera for “KC Live” at the KSHB-TV Studios (our next stop), Trey had to put some finishing touches on his hair, which meant replenishing the hair gel supply that ran out the day before. Mission accomplished. Then, it was back in the car and off to the studios…

STOP 3: “KC Live” at KSHB-TV Studio
Walking up the sidewalk of the KSHB-TV Studios, we ran into someone that made us turn our heads…twice.

Victoria Jackson, formerly of Saturday Night Live, is in town for the weekend, performing at a local comedy club, and one of her stops today also happened to be at KSHB-TV. The SNL comedian, who went on “KC Live” right before Trey, felt she was running a little late and rushed inside in front of us. Once we all reached the studios, and while waiting for Ms. Jackson and Trey’s segments to begin, the pair chatted about Kansas City, comedy, Japan and baseball. Then, Victoria extended an invite to Trey and his wife to attend her show tonight…which, as a big fan of hers, he promptly accepted! D20_4332_10

For “KC Live,” Trey showed off his ring from the 2006 Japan Series, talked about the Powder Blue jersey event last night and shared his expectations for the 2008 season. Following the appearance, back in the car, he jumped on the phone to call his sister. The reason: letting her know he just met Victoria Jackson!

STOP 4: Starbucks Coffeehouse on the Plaza
Next stop was a much-needed one for those of us traveling with Trey this morning. It was Starbucks on the Plaza where Trey was stepping in as a Guest Barista to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Donning a green Starbucks’ apron over his Powder Blue jersey, Trey learned to whip up an espresso and shout out orders such as: Grande Java Chip Frappacino with a shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream., please.

Just so you know…Through Dec. 9, Kansas City-area Starbucks will donate 50 cents from the purchase of every Gingerbread Latte, Peppermint Mocha or Eggnog Latte sold. D20_4383_1Trey was one of 13 Guest Barista to don the apron and serve up the yummy Java blends during this past week of fundraising.

STOP 5: The Dream Factory Luncheon at Kauffman’s Stadium Club
Back in the car and re-energized from our Starbucks, we headed out to The K to attend The Dream Factory Luncheon.

The luncheon was held to recognize the volunteers and partners who make The Dream Factory visits with the Royals each season a success. It also was Trey’s first official introduction to the local chapter of The Dream Factory, and it was just as successful.

Leaving the luncheon, after meeting some of The Dream Factory kids and volunteers, Trey expressed a strong interest in being a part of The Dream Factory’s 21st season working with the Royals!

STOP 6: Team Photographer’s Local Studio
Back in the car…

With a Royals home jersey in hand, we then whisked Trey off to team photographer Chris Vleisides’ studio to get a quick headshot on file before the manager heads back home to Texas.

He smiled. He looked serious. He wore a white jersey. He wore a powder blue jersey. In the end, we think we got a good collection of photos to choose from to take us through Spring Training. Thanks, Chris V.!

STOP 7: Back to the Office
Mid-afternoon and it was time to head back to the offices, where Trey caught up with General Manager Dayton Moore for some quick shop talk before calling it a day.

Honestly, we are pretty sure with one more Starbucks coffee, Trey would have been ready to flash another smile and shake a whole new set of hands…we just weren’t sure we could have kept up with him!

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Man, you’re going to scare the guy off before he’s even managed his first game!

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