Powder Blue is Back!

Whitefrank_bp_copyIt’s true: we are bringing back the Powder Blue!

Remember when Royals Hall of Fame second baseman Frank White sported the powder blue? Now, a whole new generation of Royals players will don the traditional color, honoring the club’s history and rich winning tradition.

We just announced that the 2008 team will have a new alternate home jersey and that it will include reviving the powder blue color that became a Royals trademark as Kansas City’s road uniform in the 1970s and 1980s. This time, the powder blue will be worn in Kauffman Stadium for the first time in franchise history and, although the color will be remembering a long-lasting Royals tradition, the new powder blues will be updated to represent the "new" Royals. It’s all part of our commitment to building a model franchise in Kansas City.

The new powder blue jerseys will be officially unveiled (and modeled by some players!) Thursday at a Season Ticket Holder event, but fans can start adding them to their holiday wish lists now. After all, the new Royals Powder Blue merchandise will be available on royals.com and at select retailers (and at Royals FanFest) starting Friday, Dec. 7.

So, get excited, Royals fan…around Kauffman Stadium in 2008, it’s going to be "True. POWDER BLUE. Tradition." all season long!


About time the royals are spending some money on some good players we just have to keep them around and not let the become free agents or trade them and them become big names like Johnny Damond and Carlos Beltran.I love the throw backs that we will have for the 08-09 season with a little “NEW” this should like nice now maybe the other teams can take us “ROYALS” seriously as a fine baseball team with young but mature players.I cant wait to see the “K” after the changes.

I hope you guys can post some pictures of the players modeling the new uniforms! I’m excited to see them!

I dug the powder blue road jerseys. It’s nice to see them back.


It’s great that they’re back in a way. I like how they were descibed. That they are for the New Royals!!!


It’s great to see bringing back some tradition, but at the same moving the team and franchise forward!!! Nice touch Dayton!!!

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