Renovating at The K

Dsc_0002_1Even though most of us here in the front office aren’t witnessing the construction first hand right now, the renovations at Kauffman are still going at full speed.

Ben Mertens – our coordinator of game entertainment and unofficial Renovations photographer! – snapped a few photos yesterday afternoon of crews working on the new seats in the Crown Club and out in front of the stadium. Dsc_0009_1

With most of the big demolition complete, the construction crews are giving a lot of attention to structural and mechanical elements, resetting the foundation for the new seats, the bullpens and, of course, the Crown Scoreboard. In fact, as soon as the rock anchors and structural beams are in place, the actual video display for the Crown Scoreboard will be attached. Dsc_0035

Until then, it is just a lot of beneath-the-surface work in areas with restricted access…which limits our picture-taking abilities at times! But,we’ll continue to keep you as updated as possible, including devoting the next Royals Relay Chat Series (psst…NEXT Tuesday!) completely to the Renovations.

Also, we haven’t given up on the stadium web cams. In fact, we hear there is movement on that front and we’ll definitely let you know the moment they are up and running.


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Wow, I wish my grass stayed that green over winter.

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