Happy Thanksgiving

Note – This blog entry comes from Royals vice president of community affairs & publicity, Toby Cook, who’s enjoying the Thanksgiving break with family.

Hey, it’s cold in Kansas City finally. The Plaza lights are either being warmed up or already on, depending on when you’re reading this post. I like turkey leftovers, but I like meaningful Big 12 football games and pie more.  And I like what this week means more than all of that: spending time with family and friends and being thankful for things you often take for granted.

Joe Posnanski, the fine and honest columnist for the Kansas City Star, lists the things he’s thankful for each year.  I can’t remember if it’s Thanksgiving or New Year’s. But here’s a few items that come to mind for us in the Royals front office:

We’re thankful our fans pay attention to 40-man roster moves in the middle of football and basketball seasons. We’re thankful to be getting the largest high-definition video board in the world next season as a part of major renovations to Kauffman Stadium. We’re thankful we have guys like general manager Dayton Moore and new field skipper Trey Hillman on our team. They list family and friends as priorities ahead of baseball, and yet they still compete as though finishing anything but number one is unacceptable.

I, for one, am thankful for Lora, Ben, Betty, Joy, Josh, Megan, Precious, and Byron in my department and all our Royals associates, full-time and seasonal. Megan, by the way, writes most of our blog posts.

From all of us hidden away in an undisclosed location, our temporary offices away from torn-apart Kauffman, may your Thanksgiving break remind you of the many more things to be thankful for that don’t always come readily to mind.

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“Undisclosed location”? Sounds shady… Ha.

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