Royals Introduce Trey Hillman

D20_0900_smallUsing his words, Trey Hillman is “hungry.”

No, he wasn’t referencing a desire for some Kansas City BBQ…yet…but rather the deep hunger he has for winning. And, for all of us with the Royals, we couldn’t have heard anything more direct and perfect from our new manager.

In a 2 p.m. press conference Monday, General Manager Dayton Moore officially introduced Hillman as the Royals manager. With players Mark Teahen and John Buck standing in support off to the side, Hillman slipped on a Royals jersey and got his first taste of the Kansas City media, which flooded into Kauffman Stadium’s interview room.

D20_0909_small Prior to fielding questions from the media, Hillman first met one of his new families – the Royals front office – in a brief welcome reception that had the Texas-born manager pledging a slogan we can all get on board with: Total Commitment. It’s a pretty simple message from a guy who considers himself pretty simple, but effective in delivering success.

The packed press conference lasted just under an hour and Hillman accepted the Royals welcome by addressing everyone in Japanese – a skill he’s picked up as manager of the Nippon Ham Fighters for the past five years. He then made it clear that he’ll be happy to answer any and all questions in English. And, from there, the ball rolled smoothly for the new skipper. D20_0923_small

Hillman – in Kansas City for just three days – heads back to Japan now to manage the Fighters in the Japan Series. The team is going for back-to-back championship titles – something we are all looking forward to doing in Kansas City soon. Welcome (aka: Konichiwa) to The K, Manager Hillman!



Coach Hillman has an impressive resume, and I am excited to see how he will mold our Royals into winners!

The Trey Hillman hire appears to be another piece in the puzzle. I continue to be impressed with direction Dan Glass and Dayton Moore are taking The Royals. While this off season should be very interesting, I can’t wait for the 2008 season to start. GO ROYALS!!!

I dont know much about Hillman, but I think a rookie coach at this point with all the young developing talent maybe someone who is a young manager with some experience is better. Also, isnt the #22 Hillman is wearing Sweenys number? So now, whats the deal with Sweeney.

While Trey Hillman is a MLB rookie, I would say his resume speaks to the fact that he has considerable managerial skills. In his press conference his emphasis on fundamentals, like running the bases,catching the ball and throwing accurately, as refreshing. Just look at the Indians in this year’s ALCS and the Tigers in last years WS. It seems to me that I saw Mike Sweeney (a player that ALWAYS hustles) wearing #29 this year, check the roster.

#22 was Mitch Maier, he didn’t see a lot of time.
#29 is/was Mike Sweeney, time will tell what happens with him.

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