Renovations and New Manager

Separated_1As far as the weather goes, it’s a dreary morning at The K. However, with everything going on around here on this gray Monday, we still can’t help but be excited.

First: press conference at 2 p.m. today to introduce new Manager Trey Hillman. Hillman is in town for just a short trip before heading back to Japan to manage the Nippon Ham Fighters in the 2007 Japan Series later this week. More on Hillman and the press conference this afternoon.The_ks_version_of_the_natural

Now…some big construction took place over the weekend. The biggest, of course, the Crown Scoreboard coming down. This weekend, Royals associate Ben Mertens snapped these great shots of the dismantling. And_then_there_were_three_5

And, remember that spiral ramp you use to walk up…well, here’s what it looks like now: Img_0981_adjusted_1 



Wonderful photos, Ben. Thanks for taking part of your weekend to take these. Great captions, too. “The Natural” looks really cool. “And then there were three” has a haunting look to it.

The inside of the scoreboard looks like it has a catwalk system for maintenance, or is that just part of the frame?

Can’t believe how fast the old girl is coming down.

Wow, it’s really coming along, thank for the great pictures.

I’m all for progress, but I can’t help feeling a little bit sad that the old scoreboard is going away…I kind of enjoyed it’s retro vibe!

What’s going to happen to the parts of the old scoreboard? Will there be an auction?

Also, with the new additions to the stadium, does anyone know if the Royals are adding any “green” construction? Perhaps solar panels on the roof, like has been done at other stadiums (like the NL Champs Rockies)? This would be good PR and also good for the environment. Be leaders, Royals – not followers!

Keep it up!

I know they’re adding some green, after the majority of the renovations are done they’ll be landscaping and bringing in trees to make it look less like a mass of concrete.

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