Thursday Renovation Report

Img_0939_adjusted Our chairs and desks are only slightly shaking despite the massive construction taking place at the stadium Thursday. There are several sets of crews working all around Kauffman and most of them have the jack hammers going at full speed. Here’s a brief rundown and some photos of what’s happening out here. Keeping safety in mind – which we always are doing – we could only get so close to snap our photos. Img_0959_crop_4

One of the spiral ramps along the third base side is coming down. There hasn’t been a big blast as of lunchtime on Thursday, but it is scheduled to be completely demolished soon. Right now, construction workers are removing the concrete that connects the ramp to the concourse. Img_0953_crop

Workers have been up on the Crown Scoreboard all day in preparation for its removal. You may be able to see from the picture that the screen is slowly getting dismantled.

They have demolished the left field concession stands and are “jack hammering” through some concrete in the Dugout Plaza level along the first base side.

Img_0943_adjustedWe should have a photo gallery of the renovation progress on shortly. Sounds like the web cameras will be installed by the end of the month.


The official R.I.P. to the Crown scoreboard.

Interesting! So they basically “gut” the scoreboard before taking it down? And they’re taking out those speakers it looks like, were they even used anymore? I remember straining to hear those speakers and how the wind would blow the sound around before they installed the new speakers all over the stadium.

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