New on the Renovation Report…

Img_0926 More stadium seats – dugout plaza level – have been removed as construction continues at Kauffman. In addition, as we drove into work Friday, we couldn’t help but notice this huge crane sitting just north of the stadium. Will the Crown Scoreboard be down when we return next week?Img_0932

With construction kicking into full-speed, we wanted to alert any of you who might need to conduct business out here that entrances and access to certain parts of the stadium will be restricted. Within the next week, visitors will be rerouted – signs will be posted – to certain parking lots and entrances, including the administrative offices. Safety, of course, is our number one priority.

In other non-renovation news…Promoting their book Tales from the Royals Dugout, Denny Matthews and Matt Fulks will have a discussion/book signing Friday from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble in Independence, Mo. (19120 East 39th Street). Stop by and say hi, if you get a chance.


It would be very cool if there was a link to more pictures (a gallery) of the work in progress. During the Sprint Center construction, there was a link to a live cam of the construction in progress 24 hours a day. Why not do that with the work going on at The K?

I can not wait until all the renovations are completed! I am so excited for my city and my royals!!!

It will be sad to see the crown board come down, but such is the cost of progress. I hear sometimes other teams (Mexican leagues or minor league teams) will buy old MLB scoreboards… is this the case with the crown board or will it just be demolished?

As always, thanks for the update and I hope you’re able to get pics of the board coming down.

I too will miss the old crown scoreboard and hope you can post some pics of it coming down. I really appreciate you taking the time to capture and post the renovation pictures. The image quality and what they capture is top notch.

I think Kauffman Stadium is the most beautiful stadium in MLB. When I enter the stadium, my heart still races like it did when I was a 10 year old entering it for the first time in 1973. Thanks again for keeping us updated.

Found this info today, “two cameras – one inside the stadium facing toward the outfield and one outside the stadium pointing toward the main entrance – will be installed by the end of this month, giving fans 24-hour shots of the changes taking place. By going to, fans will be able to access the cameras and control the angles and views directly from their own computers.” I’m really looking forward to see more pics and following the progress here. Thanks for the updates.

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