Outfield Wall Gone

Img_0920 As of this week, Joey Gathright has no wall to scale when robbing those homers (Do you remember the leaping catches on Aug. 11 and 12?).

The entire outfield wall has been removed as renovation construction continues this offseason. The walls are being removed for a couple of reasons including the restructuring of the bullpens and the complete remodeling of the outfield plaza seats. Img_0921


I think it’d be kinda cool if the fountain wall WAS the outfield fence, that’d make for some interesting wall climbs.

Love the updates, keep ’em coming.

Thanks for the updates! Please keep adding pictures as the project progresses! I’m really anxious to see the scoreboard come down and the new one go up.

Have you thought about putting in a webcam? Thanks!

I agree!!! Use the fountain wall as part of the outfield fence!!! That would be awesome!


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