Fans Race in Hot Dog Derby

Dsc_1667 The “Dogs” are coming out to play this weekend at Kauffman Stadium.

The “wieners” have been selected and on Friday night, three lucky Royals fans will be the first fans to slip into the Kauffman Stadium Hot Dog Derby Racer suits!

The Friday racers will compete in the first of three LIVE Hot Dog Derby races that will take place this weekend – one race during each of the Royals final three games. Nine Grand Prize “Wieners” were selected for the event, which will highlight Fan Appreciation Weekend and should prove to be three of the most entertaining LIVE Hot Dog Derby races of the season!

To be selected as a Grand Prize “Wiener,” fans entered a sweepstakes online at The entry form included the basics, but also asked fans to share with us the reason they wanted to race in the Hot Dog Derby. We thought we’d share some of a handful or two of the responses we received with you to get you pumped up for the big races:

• It’s my lifelong goal — or at least this year’s goal. – Kristie H.
• Because I love hot dogs! – Jennie S.
• I would love to be the big Wiener (Winner) in the hot dog race. – Mike C.
• I want to be a hot dog and run the race because my son would love it. We always choose a winner at the games and I know he’d choose me. – Holly B.
• I’ve always wanted to be a "K" hot dog ever since I was a little smokey! Now that I am older I want to show KC what I’ve got! – Keith A.
• It will be a blast! – Greg D.
• I am a high school teacher, and I would love to tell my students that I got to be a "wiener" in the race! – Denise K.
• I love HOT DOGS and the ROYALS! – Rosie M.
• I was never able to make it to the "show" with my baseball skills…so this is the next best thing. – Marc B.
• This would be so Awesome!!! I am going to start training now in case I am picked! – Sammi P.
• If you were a hot dog would you eat yourself? I know I would!! I’d be delicious! – Joe H.

As it stands now, Mustard with 28 wins holds a slim one-win lead over Ketchup (27 wins), while, unfortunately, Relish, who has just 23 wins, will be racing for only bragging rights. Off to the races we go…

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