Lineups: Royals Announce FanFest for 2008

Before the series finale against the White Sox today, we announced some pretty exciting news for Royals fans to look forward to: the 2008 Royals FanFest has been set for Saturday, Jan. 19 at the Overland Park Convention Center!

Royals FanFest will be an all-day Royals extravaganza where fans get up close and personal with current and former Royals as well as get a taste of the 2008 season from club management, updates on the Kauffman Stadium renovation project and much more! The event will be held in addition to our annual winter caravan around the region. This is the first of several announcements you can expect to see about the FanFest, so keep visiting and the blog throughout the off-season for additional info.

Alright, afternoon game with the ChiSox. Right-hander Zack Greinke (6-6, 3.88 ERA) gets the start for our boys, while Jon Garland (9-12, 4.47) takes a turn on the mound for Chicago. Here are your lineups…

For the Royals:
DeJesus – CF
German – 2B
Gload – 1B
Sweeney – DH
Gordon – 3B
Brown – RF
Gath – LF
Buck – C
Pena – SS
Greinke – P

For the White Sox:
Owens – CF
Cintron – 3B
Thome – DH
Konerko – 1B
Dye – RF
Podsednik – LF
Uribe – SS
Richar – 2B
Hall – C
Garland – P

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KC will never win with David Glass as owner. Look at Wal-Mart employees, work all day for nothing. While he pocketed Millions. Just skimp by with the players, saying every year ” it will be better next year”. Same way he did our Stock at Wal-Mart. What a JERK. Colin Stewart

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