Lineups: Meche Goes for Back-to-Back Wins

The tarp might be on the field, but we are still banking on a game tonight, 7:10 p.m. start. This late in the season, teams rarely call games due to rain because of the conflicts with scheduling. So, grab the rain gear and still plan to head out here for some Royals-White Sox baseball. And, on a positive note, it’s T-Shirt Tuesday and the T-shirt this time is a long sleeve T-shirt – pretty good promotion for catching a Royals game in this weather.

Gil Meche (8-12, 3.78 ERA) is up against Gavin Floyd (1-3, 5.79 ERA) tonight. Here are your lineups…

For the Royals:
DeJesus – CF
Grud – 2B
Gload – 1B
Butler – DH
Teahen – RF
Smith – 3B
Gahtright – LF
Buck – C
Pena – SS
Meche – P

For the White Sox:
Owens – CF
Fields – LF
Thome – DH
Dye – RF
Erstad – 1B
Pierzynski – C
Uribe – SS
Richar – 2B
Cintron – 3B
Floyd – P

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