Lineups: Surprise Visit

The Royals helped a well-known globetrotter pull a fast one Friday night on a father-son duo from Connecticut. While the Boys in Blue were on their way to a tense, but well played, 2-1 victory over the Cleveland Indians, Richard Roth thought it would be funny to fly in from New York and surprise his brother and nephew, Rob and Ben Roth, by showing up at Kauffman Stadium in the fifth inning. Rob and Ben are visiting several Major League ballparks this summer, and Richard surprised them in Pittsburgh a year ago on a similar trip.

If the name Richard Roth sounds familiar, you watch more than ESPN. Richard is the United Nations correspondent for CNN and got to know the Royals staff in April when he covered Boston’s Daisuka Matsuzaka’s debut in the Majors against the Royals.

Richard concocted a plan to surprise them again, this time dressing up as a Royals peanut bag vendor and offering them a snack in the sixth. They all got a big laugh, the Royals held on to win, and Richard flew back to New York Saturday to cover more global events again. Maybe we should have him back to surprise others when the Royals host the WORLD Series soon!

For tonight, the Royals turn to right-hander Kyle Davies (1-2, 5.03 ERA), while lefty Aaron Laffey (1-1, 5.73 ERA) takes the mound for Cleveland. Here are your lineups…

For the Royals:
German – 3B
DeJesus – CF
Grudzielanek – 2B
Butler – DH
Brown – RF
Gload – 1B
Pena – SS
Gathright – LF
LaRue – C
Davies – P

For the Indians:
Sizemore – CF
Cabrera – 2B
Hafner – DH
Martinez – C
Garko – 1B
Peralta – SS
Lofton – LF
Gutierrez – RF
Blake 3B
Laffey – P

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