RSTN in Omaha

The Omaha Royals posted a 3-1 victory over the Las Vegas 51s, and you had the chance to catch every pitch even if you couldn’t make it out to Rosenblatt Stadium.

For the second time this year, RSTN took advantage of a night off from broadcasting Kansas City Royals game and headed up to Omaha to broadcast the club’s Triple-A affiliate. A handful of us from the front office, along with Sluggerrr and four members of the Royals “K Crew,” went along for the ride to help pass out Sluggerrr promotional T-Shirts, get fans signed up for information (and give them a free T-shirt!) and take in some minor league action with our fans to the North. The trip was short – straight up there Thursday afternoon and a mid-afternoon return to Kansas City on Friday – but we felt like we met a good majority of the 5,434 people in attendance while also giving fans back home a sneak peek of some of our top prospects.


My god the royals are pathetic!! They should be contracted immediatly.


If that’s how you feel then go find another team and leave us alone.


Seriously. Why are you even on this site if your gonna be such a negative idiot.

Have you even been watching the way we’ve improved??

37-33 the last 3 months is far from pathetic

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