Butler Named A.L. Rookie of the Month

Good news on the Royals front today, as the club now boasts back-to-back winners of the American League Rookie of the Month award. Billy Butler has been selected as the league’s top rookie for the month of July after hitting .341 with six doubles, one triple, three home runs and 24 RBI. He also recorded a .527 slugging percentage and scored 13 runs.

Pitcher Brian Bannister took home the honor for June after going 5-1 with a 2.75 ERA in six starts.

The two became just the second and third Royals to win the award, joining shortstop Angel Berroa (July 2003).

Congratulations, Billy!!


Great for Billy! But let’s not sign a big long term contract with Butler yet, like the Royals did with Angel Berroa. Look where Berroa is playing now.

The kid is hungry — nay, starving! — at the plate. Let’s hope he stays that way. He’s got the potential for many more clutch hits and we need that kind of confidence in the middle of the lineup. I hope Billy beats up on the Yankees like a schoolyard bully this weekend.

So far, the Royals are playing the Yankees like a bunch of wimps! They are not playing fundamental baseball; for instance, when you have a man on first with nobody out, you need to sacrifice bunt to stay out of the double play. It’s obvious that Buddy Bell doesn’t believe in fundamental baseball.

Tell that to his face.
You cant blame Bell for his teams play. He is coaching a bunch of young kids that are going to make fundamental mistakes. THATS BASEBALL. Ask anyone who plays for him if he believes in fundamental baseball. Buddy Bell is as old-school as they come, and i really dont think anybody could do a better job with the team we have.

And sign Butler to a long term contract right this instance. There are absolutely no similarities between him and Berroa.

We need a Yankee killer again like Larry Gura used to be. Get ’em Bannister.

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