Lineups: Texas in Town

Japan_visit_2_9Konichiwa at The K: The more than 450 Japanese visitors at Kauffman Stadium last night got a small taste of home as the Yankees went with Japanese native Kei Igawa as their starting pitcher. The group, which is visiting Kansas City for a week from our sister city Kurashiki, Japan, probably didn’t get the results they were hoping for from Igawa, who allowed five runs on seven hits before exiting the game in the sixth. However, they did get to enjoy some beautiful weather, a packed Kauffman Stadium and a Royals win! Plus, they also got to see their other native son – Hideki Matsui – finish 1-for-4. Japan_people

All the Ladies: Look for more on the Royals first Girls’ Night Out event to be posted soon, but right now, let’s just say it seemed to be a huge success! The ladies that made it to the pre-game happy hour were more than ready to party and their upbeat energy followed them into the game…and a Royals win! Thanks everyone for coming out and look for more on the event soon!

810 Royals Rookies of the Week: Our 810 Royals Rookies group this week is the baseball team from Bishop Ward High School, in Kansas City, Kan., (18th and Central). A quick look at their history shows that this team doesn’t mess around when it comes to winning on the field. The team just won its fifth state championship in a row (Class 4A) and their seventh in the past 11 years. They are currently in the midst of a 39-game winnings streak, looking to break the record (42) next season. Congrats to Coach Dennis Hurla and the Cyclones for another successful season and for being our 810 Royals Rookies of the Week! Have you nominated a group for the 810 Royals Rookies program, yet?

In the Community: And, if you are nosing around, check out what our guys have been doing in the community lately.

Texas in town tonight for the first game of a three-game, weekend set. Royals right-hander Brian Bannister (6-6, 3.68 ERA) faces Jamey Wright (3-2, 4.15 ERA). Here are your lineups…

For the Royals:
DeJesus – CF
Grud – 2B
Teahen – RF
Butler – DH
Gload – 1B
Gordon – 3B
Brown – LF
Buck – C
Pena – SS
Bannister – P

For the Rangers:
Catalanotto – LF
Young – SS
Teixeira – 1B
Sosa – DH
Byrd – CF
Wilkerson – RF
Melhuse – C
Vazquez – 2B
Metcalf – 3B
Wright – P


His nickname should be AGOR (for Alex Gordon)! Last night’s game was one of the best games that I’ve seen the Royals played (as a team) against the Yankees since the late 1970s. The Royals’ pitching, defense, and hitting all came together. Let’s keep it going AGOR! Go Royals!

Yes, a seven run shutout DID do a little to assuage the pain of the earlier loses. Seems like everybody was hot, offensively and defensively.

Agree with you totally! It was painful to see the Royals lose the first three games. I’m sure there were Yankees fans who were equally disappointed that those darn Yanks didn’t sweep the Royals. Let’s go to their home turf and beat them next week. Let’s give to them, Royals!

Nice job by the BB rookies! I am still impressed with Bannister, and I can safely say that it is true that Butler can hit! Nice job getting two games in a row…here comes the third!

I lost that bet to my wretched brother, but he was stung by that final loss. After all, the Red Sox won that night so the Royals win actually set the Yanks back. Not that we wanna do the Sox any favors…

The Royals got two more series with the Yankees this season. Don’t count them yet.

I meant don’t count them out yet! Buddy Bell should line up his best pitchers against the Yanks. That second game with starting Elarton was weird.

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