Royals-Yankees Tickets Selling Fast

We had a homestand meeting this afternoon – something we do every week before the team gets back into town – to go over all the promotions, events, etc., that will be at the ballpark next week. Bottom line: there is a lot going on this next homestand, which you can get all the details from in this release. Now, something you won’t see in the release but might care to know: tickets for the Yankees games are selling out fast.

The ticket office informed us that the lower seating bowl for the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Royals-Yankees games are already sold out and that Wednesday’s is close. There are still tickets to each game available, but they seem to be going fast. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you haven’t bought your Royals-Yankees tickets. And, please remember, standing in the ticket line on game day is easily avoidable – buy your tickets in advance at, by calling (816) 504-4040 or at the Kauffman Stadium ticket windows.


I’m a Royals fan because of that rivalry with the **** Yankees. In the late 70’s, my entire family was behind the Yanks. I was the family freak and so I wanted to get on board with anyone but those in pinstripes. Then came post-season and that awesome matchup. I got into the Royals and took some beatings from my older, larger kin. It ****** the first few years: Chris Chambliss with a walkoff homer; Freddy Patek hitting into a series ending double play… Still, KC always had more character and heart than the New York glory boys. George Brett could’ve thrashed Craig Nettles, for instance. Darrel Porter was way cooler than Thermun Munson. And so on. Every year, I bet my brother on a Royals-Yanks series. Last year, I lost a Louisville Slugger. This year, the bet is a bucket of balls. That ***** and his prima donna Yanks are going down.

Wow! Now I’m convinced that you are really a Royals fan! Growing up in KC during the middle to late 70s, I detested those Yankees. I like nothing more than seeing the Royals sweep the Yankees when they come to KC next week. Good luck with your bet! Go Royals!

What? You doubted my devotion? I’m the guy wearing the Royals hat in downtown Boston even in the worst of times. No ambivalence over here.
It’d be sweet to hear the NY fans whimpering if we take three or four from them. I’m still savoring the sounds of the Sox fans’ agony. No sound is sweeter.

i’m bought tommorrow,wednesday and thursday and the next series in september i think

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