Lineups: All-Star Meche on Mound

Here are today’s lineups…

For the Royals:
DeJesus – CF
German – 2B
Teahen – RF
Gload – 1B
Gordon – 3B
Butler – DH
Buck – C
Gathright – LF
Pena – SS
Meche – P

For the Devil Rays:
Iwamura – 3B
Crawford – LF
Harris – SS
Pena – 1B
Wigginton – 2B
Norton – DH
Young – CF
Gomes – RF
Navarro – C
Sonnanstine – P


What, Grudzelaniek with a day off?
John Buck continues to hammer that ball.

Not to mention Billy Butler. I love a leadoff homer.

It’s time to change the closer back to Soria. Dotel has not been getting the job done!

Seriously…trade Dotel…Trade Brown, and get a guy who can hit more than 20 HRs a season…

Dotel’s a little scary, gets wild, fires fatties when he’s down in the count. I’d rather see Soria in there with a tight ninth, too.

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