Fireworks at The K

As you probably have already heard, we had to cancel our Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular Show on Wednesday. During the rain storm, one of the computer modules that sends electrical charges to the shells was dampened. Our fireworks provider, J & M Displays, did cover all 450 feet of pyro-technic equipment and shells during the storm, but the moisture in the air got to one of the more than 50 modules. When the show started, the dampened module caused the computer system to short out making it impossible for the show to go off.  We know the fans in attendance were disappointed…and so were we.

Yesterday, our Marketing department arranged for a couple of things to happen to replace the cancelled show and thank our dedicated fans for understanding that these things happen.

(1)   Fans in attendance for the July 4th game can exchange their ticket for a ticket of the same value (subject to availability) to any one of the remaining 2007 home games, including the six remaining “Fireworks Friday” games…and, in case you haven’t looked at the schedule, today’s Friday and tonight’s show promises to be a bigger fireworks display than most Fridays. Exchange your July 4th ticket at the Kauffman Stadium ticket windows.

(2)   Then, we also decided to add one more gigantic fireworks show to the events calendar on the Sept. 11 “Salute to Uniformed Heroes Day” when the Royals host the Minnesota Twins at 7:10 p.m. It’ll be just as big as the Fourth of July show was scheduled to be, giving all Royals fans a chance to see what we’ve been planning since February. In addition, on Sept. 11, all firefighters, police, emergency personnel and military will be given a free best available ticket to the game that night. Complimentary “Uniformed Hero” tickets will be available at Kauffman Stadium starting July 16th. Local heroes may pick up their free ticket by showing a valid ID at the Advance Ticket Windows. 

Visit to get your tickets for the Sept. 11 game or get out to Kauffman Stadium to exchange those July 4 tickets.


I’m considering making the trip from Maine to Kansas City to catch a game. Kinda shameful that I haven’t done it yet, having been a fan since the late 70’s. If anyone has any tricks or tips to visiting Kauffman, I’d love to hear ’em.

Have been a fan myself since 1976. Lived in KC, but now live in Maryland. Two years ago, made it back to KC on a business trip and got to see the Royals beat the Yankees (Randy Johnson pitched). Oh, yeah!!! Suggest making it a week long vacation and visit KC to see the Royals play. If driving out west, Kauffman stadium is right on I-70. Can’t miss it.

Ah, what a good time that would be. A leisurely drive across the country to Kauffman Stadium. There’s something to be said about having attainable dreams.

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