Straight from Media Relations: Kansas City Royals designated hitter Mike Sweeney underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Thursday morning. The surgery was performed by Dr. Steve Joyce. Sweeney will meet with Dr. Joyce tomorrow at Kauffman Stadium and at that time, the scope of the surgery will be discussed. At the present time, no timetable has been set for Sweeney’s return.


Can you guys get me a job?:)

Who’d a-thunk that with Sweeney and Grudzelaniek out, the Royals would be playing stellar ball? The quandary will be how to make room for them once they’re back. What to do with Billy Butler? What about Gathright?
By the way: I believe I may be the only KC fan in New England. And I don’t have a problem with that.

I would like to see Sweeney, who everyone knew would get hurt AGAIN, give back some of the HUGE money he is getting this season. He is old and washed up and does not deserve the paycheck he is getting. As a “man of god” he should feel guilty for taking the paychecks and performing like he’s in AA ball. So give some of that money back so we can pick up someone who can play a full season and move on to the coaching aspect of the game, and when I say coaching, I mean move on to coaching high school or t-ball not big leagues.

I’d still rather see Sweeney at the plate with a crucial scoring opportunity than say, Costa.

I wish Sweeney well with his recovery. But it’s time to think about the Royals’ future and let Billy Butler be a full time DH. However, with Butler being a rookie, the Royals will get what they paid for.

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