The (HOT) Dogs Go LIVE

Who’s your pick?

No, we aren’t talking about the Royals 2007 All-Star – that’s Gil Meche, in case you hadn’t heard…the guy who produced yet another amazing start in the Royals 3-2, extra-inning win Monday, in case you hadn’t heard.

No, this time we’d like to know who you’d pick to win the next LIVE Kauffman Stadium Hot Dog Derby!

The Royals are all about the Dogs this year, holding a Hot Dog Derby Racer T-Shirt Tuesday back in May and treating young Royals fans to Build-A-Bear Workshop Hot Dog Derby Racers this Sunday, July 8, when the Royals host the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

But, even with those promotions, the new LIVE Hot Dog Derby easily ranks as the biggest fan favorite at the ballpark in 2007. For every Friday home game this year (along with a special LIVE race this Sunday, July 8, in honor of the Racer promotion!), the Royals “K Crew” suits up, becomes “animated” and runs like crazy down the right field line, all with one goal in mind: to be the top “hot” dog! It’s a thrill…it’s an honor…it’s hilarious! And, so you’re in the know on everything Hot Dog related, check out the newest photo gallery and the Hot Dog Derby page on to get the inside scoop on the tastiest race at Kauffman Stadium!

And, of course, come on out to The K this Friday (and Sunday!) because Ketchup, Mustard and Relish need your support and desperately want to be your top (hot) dog!


These things are rigged. Relish always wins. I’d like Commish Selig to look into this. There needs to be no further evidence than the race featured in the photo gallery where Relish GOES THE WRONG WAY and STILL wins.

I don’t think their real hot dogs.

A very good friend of mine is a season ticket holder and has been for many years. She would love to be in the hot dog race. She is a loyal fan and promotes the Royals organization to everyone she meets. She is a great promoter and would “sell” many tickets for the day/night that she would be in the race. I hope that next season this will become reality. I know she would be a fabulous draw. You can contact me at the email listed and I will give you her name and contact information…..Let’s go Royals! Give a loyal fan a chance.

I would love to have my son run in the teenie weenie race this year! He will be 8 years old in April, and is one of the biggest young fans that you will ever meet. He loves the Royals and goes to about 20 games a year and has been doing this since he was four. I think he would love to be picked to be in one of the live teenie weenie races, so your conisderation would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at my email listed above. Thanks for your consideration! GO ROYALS!!

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