It was a close one, 1-0, but we’ll take it!

With today’s win, we collected: our first sweep of the season…our first three-game sweep over the Angels since Aug. 28-30, 2001, at Kauffman Stadium…our first three-game sweep over the Angels in Los Angeles (or Anaheim…if you prefer) since Sept. 15-17, 1995…and our first four-game winning streak since July 4-7, 2006.

Whew…what a great win for the Royals!


Congrats, guys! Way to close out the road trip!

Beam me up Scotty! I can’t believe what is unfolding with the lowly Royals. Move over Maury Wills and Lou Brock here comes Joey. The Royals haven’t won a game on shear speed since Willie Wilson excited the city with his long 7 step stride to second. Cudos to the GM for recognizing speed, something his sortsighted predessors ignored for the last 20 years. What a discovery, we just might have the beginnings of a real baseball team right here in Kansas City!

Jason Winlock asked Buddy about Joey, “Does he have the green light?”

Buddy responded “Yeah, everyone has a green light.”

Jason,”I know but did he go to second on his own?”

Buddy, ” Second? There was a blur out there between first and second. Was that what that was? I was more excited about Riske in the seventh can we talk about that?”

Jason, “No, It has been a while since we have seen such blinding speed. Was he on his own when he bunted for a base hit?’

Buddy, “I don’t know, that’s the coaches responsibility, was that the blur I saw going to first? How about that Riske keeping us in the game?

Jason, “Your right Buddy we haven’t seen that in 20 years either.”

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