Notes from Royals-Angels Series…so far

Royals picked up their fourth straight win this season over Los Angeles last night with a 12-4 pounding that made the normally winning Angels look lowly. The win secured the season series for Kansas City for the first time since 1996, while Los Angeles snapped its record of nine straight winning series this year. The Angels had not lost a series since dropping two of three to Detroit, May 22-24 (…and, just in case you care, they haven’t been swept since Boston brought out the brooms in a three-game set, April 13-14, 16…just in case, of course.). Here’s some notes to ponder before catching the series finale this afternoon, 2:35 p.m. (CT) on either or 810 WHB. It’s DLR (4-9, 5.75 ERA) on the mound against the healthy-enough, not-healthy enough, healthy-enough Jered Weaver (6-3, 3.80 ERA).

Butler Hits Long One: Buddy didn’t have him in the cleanup spot last night, but Billy Butler still delivered with a big hit, collecting his first home run in the Majors. The blast marked the Royals first since June 18 at St. Louis, a span of 71.0 innings without a homer. Gordon also hit a home run in the game…when was the last time two Royals rookies homered in the same game?

Speaking of Gordon: The third baseman is batting .341 (30-88) with six doubles, one triple, three home runs, 14 runs scored and 14 RBI. He’s also five-for-five on steal attempts this month and nine-for-11 for the year. He’s doing pretty well on defense as well. Just saw that posted his ninth-inning stop from Monday night’s game. Check it out here.

Injury Update: Gload is expected to begin his rehab assignment soon, scheduled to join Triple-A Omaha this week for a four-five game stint. He has been on the D.L. since he tore his right quadriceps muscle May 13 in Chicago…Scott Elarton was down in the clubhouse yesterday packing up some stuff. The right-hander, on the 15-day D.L. with a right foot sprain, met up with the O-Royals and is scheduled to pitch for them Thursday.

Plunked…from the Game Notes: The Royals have been hit five times in the first two games in Los Angeles, including three times (Buck, DeJesus and German) Tuesday night. Kansas City leads the Majors with 49 hit-by-pitches.

Buck’s Homers: Here’s the breakdown on Buck’s team-leading 14 home runs this year:

        Vs. LHP: 5…Vs. RHP: 9…Home: 5…Road: 9…Solo shots: 11 (11!!!)…
        One-run: 3…With no outs: 8…With one out: 3…With two outs: 3…
        Homer tied game: 1…Homer gave Royals lead: 6…Left field: 8…
        Left center: 3…Center field: 1…Right center: 2…
        Royals record with Buck homers: 6-6

Conclusions from these numbers? Get some more runners on base before Buck, while facing a righty on the road with no outs in the inning and the Royals behind by a run (or two), steps up to the plate with the wind blowing out toward left. Simple as that. Enjoy today’s game!


The Kansas City Royals, proud owners of the second worst record in both leagues bashed the LA Angels last night, proud owners of the second best record in all of baseball. The 12-4 victory guaranteed the Royals a series victory, the first against the Halos in 9 times. The Royals, leaders in hit batters with 49 so far got hit by pitches 3 times last night. When asked why would anyone bother throwing at the lowly Royals Buddy Bell commented, ” We haven’t hit, or been a threat for the last 3 years so we coaxed the hitters to stand closer to the plate and look meaner and spit more. We have been trying to get on base and thought if we at least looked intimidating something might happen. Apparently the pitchers don’t like the way we stand at the plate and have been hitting every one. So far it’s worked out well for us. We can get a .167 hitter on base now.”

The Royals are using basically 4 rookies in their line up. One of them, the fastest man in baseball Joey Gathright, tried to score from third on a short pop up to second. He got thrown out at home or the Royals would have had another run. When Bell was asked why he didn’t send Gathright to third on a potential double steal he said ” It was too obvious to steal in that situation, Joey would have made it standing up. The other situations were more challenging.” Jason Winlock stated, “The play at home he was called out when the umpire thought he left third too early”. Yes said Buddy, “Joey’s so fast the ump couldn’t believe he made it home before the throw so he made up the excuse. When the umps get used to Joey that won’t happen anymore. Joey’s so fast he didn’t even see him leave. We tried to showcase his speed on a fly to left later in the game”. Joey was on first and was all the way to third by the time the left fielder caught the ball. Joey had to retreat back to first and his little legs got him there just before the throw. Bell added, ” He’s so fast that when he gets up to turn off the lights he’ ll be back into bed before the light goes out.”

Two other rookies Gordon and Butler hit home runs. Bell said they are a product of their loosing ways. “We will have to watch how many games we win this year.

I told them not to swing just wait tell they get hit, but they are young and eager.

If were not the worst team we won’t be getting all those high can’t miss draft picks plus we will miss out on the revenue sharing. I have been told to not let that happen too often. I think we can tone it down a bit when the ex Cardinal Reggie Sander is available to play again.”

The fourth rookie, Tony Pena, has been doing well at short. “He replaced the Angel at short. He is hitting better than the Angel plus he makes a lot less money. We have a way of giving lots of money away to guys that can’t play.” Bell said.

“I can’t figure this stuff out, the more you make around here the worse you play.”

At least the Royals are starting to entertain. If Gath can get on base a little more we might see something being stolen on the diamond and it won’t be money.

Nice blog, but to answer your question…

“Buck’s homers… Conclusions from these numbers?”


Go Royals. Really, really great to see the sweep in SoCal.

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