"My Greatest Day in Baseball…"

Mike Sweeney, a 12-year-old Little League standout, turning to his dad for support in the summer of 1985 as his attempts at pitching for his team often looked more like dodge ball for his opponents, but led him to a championship victory.

That summer – the summer of 1985 – was Mike Sweeney’s greatest days in baseball, a time in his life that he recalled while participating in “My Greatest Day in Baseball” presented by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The event, hosted by KC Star sports columnist Joe Posnanski and inspired by Buck O’Neil, involved a panel of Kansas City sports figures and notables – such as Dayton Moore, Frank White and Ryan Lefebvre – recalling their greatest days in baseball. For more details on the event and to read all the "greatest day" memories from the event’s panel, check out this story on the Royals community pages on royals.com.

Buck, who passed away this past October, loved sharing his greatest day and now, we are asking you, Royals fans:

What was your greatest day in baseball?


“My Greatest Day in Baseball”

Will be win the worst manager in the history of sports is fired- Budduhy Bell

My greatest day will be when John Buck the worst defensive catcher in baseball is moved to DH or another position

What happened to this blog?

It was great.

It hasn’t been updated for days.

This stinks.

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