Lineups: Meche vs. F. Hernandez

It’s a 2.44 ERA vs. a 2.77 ERA tonight when former teammates Gil Meche and Felix Hernandez face off on the mound for the first of three between the Royals and Seattle. Meche has pitched twice as many games as Felix this season, but the two are equals when it comes to standing out as the aces of their teams. Felix, who started the season by tossing an eight-inning, no-run contest followed by a complete game shutout, has slowed since. In his only other three starts, which were interrupted with a minor stint on the D.L., he is 0-2 with an 8.00 ERA (9 IP, 8 ER). Meanwhile, Meche, who lasted a season-low five innings and allowed five runs in his last start on Saturday in Colorado, is looking to bounce back from his worst outing of the season and get the Royals newest hot streak going.

Are we looking at a pitchers’ duel tonight? If so, get out here early and stock up on those $1 hot dogs (yeah, it’s a Dodge Buck Night) while you can. Here are your lineups…

For the Royals:
DeJesus – CF
Grudzielanek – 2B
Teahen – RF
Sweeney – DH
Costa – LF
Gordon – 3B
Shealy – 1B
Buck – C
Pena – SS
Meche – P

For the Mariners:
Suzuki – CF
Vidro – DH
Guillen – RF
Ibanez – LF
Sexson – 1B
Johjima – C
Beltre – 3B
Betancourt – SS
Lopez – 2B
Hernandez – P



I LOVE IT! Finally some confidence and optimism from the clubhouse. Let’s see whether Meche can bounce back tonight. If he does, we truly have an ace .

Costa in the 5 hole AGAIN? Why don’t we try repeating the lineup that scored 11 runs? Please fire our mildly retarded manager.

State of the Royals:

Pitching is a lot better than last year. We still issue too many walks, 3 1/2 a game, not enough strikeouts, bottom 5 of the league, and teams are hitting at a .280 clip, 27th in the league. The good is that last year before Moore we were not just last, but last by a huge margin in most of the previous stats. Even though teams are slugging a healthy .448 we are giving up less bombs and can be seen as competative in that area. (Opponents 48, Royals 37) Before Moore it was around two to one.

Hitting: With a lot of young guys one would think that would result in strikeouts and few walks but we are holding our own. What really suprises me is the OBS and the slugging, 14th and 18th respectively. Our average is .257 good for 18th in the league. Of course timely hitting is not our strong suit right now and we hit into a lot of double plays (3rd highest), but I hope we can hold on until around the all star break. I have seen young teams like the Marlins start to gel offensively at that time.

Player Evaluations:

DeJesus–I just like to see him bat. He has been a spark in the offense. The question is moving him around the bases.

Grud–Teams are pitching him inside more and playing shallow and on the line taking away those slap hit doubles.

Teahen–Great defense for so short of time in the outfield.

Sweeney–A lot of popups. He has been missing some nice pitches that he usually crushes. I hope he shortens his swing and starts pinging some singles until he gets his groove back.

Gordon–Could not believe my eyes as he swung through so many pitches for so long. Reminds me of Beltran when he first came up. The pitch would be right there and whoosh…nothing, not even tipping or fouling it off. Also in a ton of 0-2 counts circa Dye. Combine whooshing and 0-2 counts and you have .150 batting average. Starting to come around and hitting it really hard–right at people. Triple A defense.

Shealy–Low and outside. Low and outside. Low and outside. Low and outside. Low and out…

Brown–Slow start, as usual. End of year numbers BA–.280 HR–15 RBI–83

Buck–WOW Don’t cut that hair or change your socks! Has the same holes in his swing as last year, but is killing on mistake pitches instead of fouling them off.

Pena–Thank God!! Triple A hitter, but great defense. Looks like he is having fun at shortstop.

Our Lineup is lefty heavy and no room to operate without Gload (3-11 vs Lefties)

Dear Royals, I would like you to meet my friend, Mr. Change-Up. He can get ahead in the count, get a timely ground ball or even a key strikeout. He is close friends with Mr. Curveball.

Sincerely, G Meche

Soria–Would like to see a few more off speed. Great stuff.

DeLaRosa–Looks good now, but has a hard time getting that key strikeout, might be trouble down the line.

Bullpen–I would like to see it all lined up.




LH Specialist–Gobble

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