Second Graders Love Royals

Ms. Clay’s second grade students love their Royals.

Img_0035_4The Spring Branch Elementary (Independence, Mo.) students devoted several hours recently to telling the Royals players that they are behind the team through thick and thin this season.

As part of a classroom lesson, Ms. Clay has centered her entire classroom on baseball and the Royals. She uses the game to teach her students about sportsmanship, geography and remaining loyal to your hometown teams among other baseball-related lessons. She even converted her reading area into a mini baseball field complete with lights and a Royals scoreboard. Right around Opening Day, she paired up each of her students with a member of the 2007 Royals and then encouraged the students to research their players before writing each of them letters.Img_0037_1

We received those letters and delivered them to the players prior to a home game this season. So, to Ms. Clay’s second graders: thanks for the continued support. With school almost out for the year, we hope you have an enjoyable summer and we hope you are able to make it out to Kauffman Stadium to see your Royals play!

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I want to thank the Kansas City Royals for this wonderful article featuring the efforts of my students. They had such a great time writing the letters and drawing the pictures. I was lucky enough to get to teach these wonderful 8-year-olds who put such thought and care into this project. Go Royals!

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