Medium? Medium?

Were you a medium or an XL?

Either way, you probably heard us at the exchange tables just inside the Kauffman Stadium gates peddling medium-sized Hot Dog Derby Racer T-shirts. We must have asked, “Medium?” a billion times. Alright, that’s probably a slight exaggeration, but it sure felt like it as fan after fan came up to our table looking to trade in their XLs for a smaller size. All in all, it was another great T-shirt Tuesday (without any rain!) at the ballpark followed by another great win as the Royals posted a 4-3 victory over the Indians.

For those who trekked out here a little late and missed out on a T-shirt, you probably weren’t too pleased when the official attendance was announced as 19,776. After all, the T-Shirt Tuesday promotion is good for the first 20,000 fans into the stadium, right? Here’s why we ran out of T-Shirts: the official attendance doesn’t factor in the complimentary tickets that are presented by our different group ticket programs. For Tuesday’s game, there were more than 20,000 fans in the stadium…just not more than 20,000 tickets sold.

But…if you missed out, just remember to get out here earlier for the next T-Shirt Tuesday on June 12!

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