Kauffman Stadium Renovation: “A Modern Classic”

Kauffman_aerial_credit_hok_sport_smaller_9The big date: October 2007.

That’s when construction gets underway for the Kauffman Stadium Renovation project.

The even BIGGER date: Opening Day 2010.

That’s when the new and improved Kauffman Stadium will be complete, and from what we’ve seen, fans have plenty to look forward to in the next three years.

The timetable for the $250 million renovation project was revealed for the first time in a joint effort by the Royals and Jackson County officials at a press conference today. Here are some highlights of the renovation project:

  • New high definition scoreboard and control room.
  • Crown Scoreboard, although new and improved, is here to stay!
  • Fountain (Yes, they will still be here, too!) view terraces and seats.
  • Improved kid’s area – bigger Little K
  • Taste of Kansas City food court – local restaurants and BBQ!
  • Right field restaurant and bar.
  • Larger and more interactive Royals Hall of Fame.
  • Expanded concourses.
  • New and upgraded concessions.
  • And…more restrooms!

From this short list alone, you can tell that a lot of your ideas were incorporated with the planning. So, thanks for all the input Royals fans – this project is one we can all be proud of when it’s complete!

Looking for more details about the Kauffman Stadium Renovation project? Check out the time table and some additional images of the proposed renovation design. So, what part of the renovation plans are you most excited about?


Keeping the crown scoreboard, and the fountains of course. That’s what makes the stadium unique and still one of the most beautiful parks around.

I like the expanded concourses, the 360 degree access, and addition of attractions beyond the outfield. I dislike the idea of the reconfigured bullpens and seating around the fountains in left and right field. The seating around the fountains seem especially silly. Who wants to sit out there and get sprinkled on through out the game and not be able to hear b/c of having KC’s version of Niagara Falls right behind you. I love the fountains and I’m glad they are staying, but do you really need to clutter the view of the Water Spectacular by putting bleachers in front of it. Preserve the beauty of the Water Spectacular in right field and the fountains in left. Avoid the temptation of greed to squeeze in a few hundred more seats and clutter up what is the most beautiful outfield landscape in all of baseball.

All the renovations are pretty cool, but I have to add some food for thought. Instead of expanding a stadium whos average attendance is less than 20,000 people, why not take the $250 million and spend it on better players. The last time we had a good season was 1986, 21 years ago! Being a big royals fan, this is very disappointing. I would highly recommend signing better players because this is very discouraging. I just wish our money would go to something more beneficial than some seats, a food court, and a high class walking area.

Wow. The view level concourse looks sort of like a mall. It’s going to be great! Though, if the scoreboard’s going to be bigger, than I assume they won’t keep the original crown (the one on top right now) right? I hope that they do something with the original crown like memorabilia or something.

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