UPDATE: Shealy Returns, Butler Says Goodbye…for now

Just wanted to spread the news that first baseman Ryan Shealy is returning from his rehab assignment in Omaha today. Shealy has been on the 15-day D.L. since May 1. We’re all glad Ryan is back and we’re looking forward to him returning in better form than before. To get Shealy back on the active roster though, the Royals optioned outfielder Billy Butler back to Omaha.

In the short time Butler has been here (May 1), he has batted .243 (9-for-37) with a pair of doubles and four RBI in 10 games. He had one walk and seven strikeouts during his first taste of big league action. Butler’s move back to Omaha probably wasn’t a huge shocker for anyone given that he has not been in the lineup since May 12. But, don’t start packing away any of those Royals jersey’s with his name draped across the back yet – the young 21-year-old is still seen as one of our best prospects.


I’m glad he’s back too, Butler is going to be one heck of a hitter, but what are we going to do about Gordon’s slump?

I agree Butler is going to be a good hiter and needs to be playing. I also believe that the Royals need to get some pitching coaches, as they never have had any and they sure can ruin a pitcher. Look at all of the pictchers in the Majors that have been on the Royals Roster. I can’t believe that when a pitcher is doing well they pull him after pitching an inning or less, just to pad saves record, which is so overated.

ya’ll are ******! we’re letting shealy get some at bats to try and deal him so Gload can play first. we only have room for one out fielder and that is billy butler! I watched the kid in wichita and he was crazy good. if the royals don’t think that double A stats are as good what is Gordon doing up. i’m a fan of both but they called it a year when we were one and one. Shealy, Sanders, and hopefully Sweeny while be gone by trade deadline. All good sticks, but lets go to the future all ready and stop wasting time. AAA and AA pitching is not that different. Pitching is the deepest part of the line up for a reason. let them get some at bats. We’re already eating some money. **** Angel Berroa has swung at more pitches outside of the strike zone than anyone last year. (Sports Illistrated) nice contract! lets let some one have two good years before we sign them long term and big bucks! ie David DeJesus had onbase above 350 for two years!

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