Royals Visit Greensburg, Kan.

The Royals headed out early and spent a good portion of the morning on the road, headed west toward Greensburg, Kan. However, even with all the thinking time a five-hour trip provides, it really was never going to be enough time to fully prepare the group for what they were about to see.

“You can’t describe it and pictures don’t even do it justice,” Toby Cook, Royals Vice President of Community Affairs and Publicity, reported to us Tuesday evening while heading back to Kansas City from Greensburg. “Once we reached the west side of the town, every single building was destroyed. And, they weren’t flattened or completely gone, but rather just skeleton after skeleton of what this town used to be.”

Royals General Manager Dayton Moore, Royals Hall of Fame Second Baseman Frank White, former outfielder Brian McRae and Royals broadcaster Fred White, along with Toby and Royals Senior Director of Publicity Lora Grosshans, left at 7:30 a.m. from Kansas City for a good will-fact finding trip to the community hit by a tornado on May 4. The group first stopped in Haviland – 10 miles east of Greensburg – where groups such as FEMA, the Red Cross and Heart to Heart International had set up camp to help provide services to the victims of the tornado. Dayton and the group greeted relief workers and residents before jumping back on the bus and driving into Greensburg.

Pulling right up and stopping on Main Street, the Royals contingent quickly began meeting with city, state and federal officials to find out how the Royals can best help this community. They visited the remains of Greensburg’s middle and high schools, which were completely destroyed, accessed the damage of the community’s baseball facilities and then headed further into town to see any additional damage. At just after 5 p.m., the group wrapped up their visit and boarded the bus to head home.

In addition to an in-stadium collection that brought in nearly $15,000 for the Greensburg area and a $25,000 contribution from Royals Charities to the Heart to Heart relief effort in Greensburg, the Royals plan to announce additional measures that the team will take to help this community get back on its feet. Continue to visit for additional coverage of the Royals’ Greensburg visit.

If you are interested in helping the Greensburg community, please visit to learn the best ways to donate to the relief effort.

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