The Kansas City Royals Baseball Club is an inclusive organization. We welcome fans of every race, color, or creed. So when we mention anything with a religious tone, we do so in respect to the AnyFan. Still, a week after our posting on EWTN, the global Catholic Channel, we thought you’d be amused to know about the chapel held Saturday afternoon at Kauffman Stadium.

The folks at Fellowship of Christian Athletes, with their national headquarters across I-70 from “The K,” hold chapel before each Sunday home game. And Royals Captain Mike Sweeney, who appeared on EWTN twice this past week, asked the bishop of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese to say a Mass Chapel Saturday afternoon.  He and Father Richard Rocha then stayed for the game and cheered wildly when Mike hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the first.

Father Rocha, at the Stadium Club later, whispered to a Royals associate:  “If Jason LaRue hits a home run tonight, I’m going to dance on the table.” Jason, you see, was the other Royals player at Mass Saturday. Thankfully, that associate had moved the Bishop and the good Father to another part of the stadium when – bam – Jason smacked a solo homer in the 4th.  Can you imagine a man in a black shirt and white collar during our 5th inning dance-off?

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