Buck and DeJesus visit Sprint Store

2007_buck_signingDid you know there are at least three different locations in the Oak Park Mall area where you can purchase Sprint products? If you didn’t know that, Royals Senior Director of Publicity, Lora Grosshans, catcher John Buck and outfielder David DeJesus would all be happy to fill you in.

After ruling out the first two locations within the mall Thursday evening, Lora led John and David to the newest Sprint store in Overland Park, Kan., a free-standing store that sits across the street from Oak Park Mall, for a two-hour meet-and-greet on Friday. With all the different Sprint store locations to choose from and the fact that Lora didn’t realize the new store wasn’t located in the mall until Thursday, there was a slight concern that fans might have a little trouble tracking down the autograph session. Well, those concerns quickly vanished when the guys arrived to find a huge line of fans waiting to see them.

Thanks to everyone that came out…here are some snapshots of a handful of young Royals fans who came by to meet the guys today.2007_dejesus_talking_to_kids 2007_little_royals_girl  2007_dejesus_signing_hat

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