Lineups: Perez vs. Lackey

After a short road trip, we’re back home for a loooonnnngggg homestand – the longest of the season, actually – with 10 games in 11 days. We open with Los Angeles tonight. Odalis Perez (2-2, 7.54 ERA) is on the mound facing the Angels’ John Lackey (3-2, 2.35 ERA).

There’s a note in tonight’s game notes about our stats in April, fitting since this is the final day of the month. Leading up to tonight’s game, the Royals are 8-17, which obviously could be better, but is an improvement from the past two seasons. The Royals were just 5-17 in April last year and only 6-18 in 2005. Let’s look for a win tonight to finish off the opening month on a good note…and, since we’re looking for wins anyway, let’s look for a winning homestand and start May off on the right foot as well. Here’s your lineups…

For the Royals:
DeJesus – CF
German – 2B
Teahen – RF
Sweeney – DH
Gload – LF
Gordon – 3B
Buck – C
Shealy – 1B
Pena – SS
Perez – P

For the Angels:
Matthews – CF
Willits – LF
Cabrera – SS
Guerrero – RF
Hillenbrand – DH
Aybar – 2B
Quinlan – 1B
Napoli – C
Figgins – 3B
Lackey – P

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