UPDATE: Royals on EWTN

UPDATE FOR ROYALS ON EWTN: For those of you who tuned in Thursday night to see Royals players on the Eternal Word Television Network (see below), you saw one — and his wife. Unexpectedly, EWTN ran a re-run of the program "Life on the Rock" from last December and not an episode of "Catholics in the Major Leagues" as promoted. That show, featuring Mike Sweeney, Jason LaRue, Luke Hudson and others, will run next Thursday, May 3, at 7 p.m. (CDT). The cable channels are also listed below. If you did tune in Thursday night, you saw Sweeney and his wife, Shara, talk about their experiences in Rome and Vatican City last fall.


Along with catching some highlights of them on ESPN, Royals fans can also tune into EWTN Thursday night to see some of clips of their favorite Royals players. For those who don’t know, EWTN – that’s Eternal Word Television Network – is the global Catholic Channel. Tonight they are airing a feature on Catholics in Major League Baseball. Mike Sweeney, Luke Hudson and Jason LaRue are among a number of MLB players that were interviewed by Father Francis, the host of “Life on the Rock,” about their faith journeys. The program airs at 7 p.m. (CDT) and is found on the following channels depending on your cable provider: Time Warner – 190, Everest – 474, Comcast – 291 and Sunflower – 91.

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