Getting Ready for School Day

With the team up in Minnesota to start a five-game road trip, those of us at Kauffman Stadium spent Wednesday morning with another team – the FOX 4 Weather Team.

Since this season’s “School Day at the K” is just around the corner (May 10!), FOX 4 Meteorologists Mike Thompson, Karli Ritter, Don Harman and Joe Lauria joined us and Sluggerrr out at the stadium this morning to film some footage of an opening skit designed for the event. In case you don’t know, “School Day at the K” is an event hosted by the Royals and FOX 4 WDAF-TV that invites kids grades K-12 out to the ballpark for day. The event begins with a fun, interactive meteorology lesson before the kids take their seats for the Royals afternoon ballgame against the Oakland Athletics. Check out more details on the ninth annual “School Day at the K” here.

On Wednesday morning, the meteorologists had no problems putting their weather-predicting skills to the side in favor of acting. They shot a series of clips that involved Sluggerrr running around the stadium – the batting cages, the dugout, the clubhouse, the kitchen, etc. – looking for Karli, but always coming up with just another weather guy in a blond wig. The skit should be great and have our young Royals fans cracking up on May 10.

The only problem we had with the morning filming involved working around the countless tour groups that were filtering in and out of the stadium. Not only were the groups touring in the same places where we were filming, but they were all kid-based tours. That meant Sluggerrr had to work overtime to entertain the kids when they saw him in action and Byron Shores – the man behind the Sluggerrr suit – had to think quickly on his feet, diving into closets and bathrooms, when the kids showed up unannounced. For a bunch of 6-year-olds, nothing would ruin a field trip to Kauffman Stadium more than running into their favorite furry mascot with a human head!

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