Easter Sunday Lineups

The Royals (2-3) close out their first homestand of the season with an Easter Sunday match up against Detroit (1-2). Here’s your lineups for this cold – and we mean COLD – afternoon game.

And, Happy Easter from the Royals!

For the Royals:
No. 9     David DeJesus – CF
No. 15   Mark Grudzielanek – 2B
No. 24   Mark Teahen – RF
No. 35   Emil Brown – LF
No. 7     Alex Gordon – 3B
No. 16   Reggie Sanders – DH
No. 43   Ryan Shealy – 1B
No. 6     Jason LaRue – C
No. 1     Tony Pena Jr. – SS
No. 31   Brandon Duckworth – P

For the Tigers:
No. 28   Curtis Granderson – CF
No. 14   Placido Polanco – 2B
No. 3     Gary Sheffield – DH
No. 30   Magglio Ordonez – RF
No. 9     Carlos Guillen – SS
No. 7     Ivan Rodriguez – C
No. 21   Sean Casey – 1B
No. 33   Marcus Thames – LF
No. 15   Brandon Inge – 3B
No. 38   Jeremy Bonderman – P


Standard baseball philosophy cost the Royals today – Sunday – and it is a stupid philosophy at that. I refer to the perceived need for a “closer” on each team. Soria was cruising – let him finish the game. Every time you dip into the bullpen you roll the dice unless you have a true closer, and they are few and far between. The Quissenberrys, Gosssages, Nathans, and Eckersleys are rare.

If Dotel is truly a closer when he comes back, then it might make sense to bring him in for the 9th even if the set-up man is cruising, but Riske is being forced into a role for which he isn’t really suited. I say, until a closer truly proves himself as a setup man forget this closer nonsense.

I agree – changing a pitcher that is “cruising” makes no sense – how many times last year did that cost the Royals? as soon as the “closer” came in the Royals lost – 31 blown saves last years – OUCH! Another thing that irritates me – pitch counts, that a whole other issue.

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