We just announced the acquisition of shortstop Tony Pena Jr. from the Atlanta Braves. To get Pena, who, yes, is the son of former Royals manager Tony Pena, we dealt right-handed pitcher Erik Cordier, and then made room on the 40-man roster by placing reliever Joe Nelson on the 60-day D.L.

Here’s some quick stats about the new shortstop:

  • Hit .282 (84-298) in 81 games for Triple-A Richmond in 2006, collecting 12 doubles, four triples, one homer and 23 RBI.
  • Stole 12 bases in 15 attempts for Richmond.
  • Made his M.L. debut last season with the Braves.
  • Hit .227 (10-44) with two doubles, one homer and three RBI in 40 games with Atlanta in 2006.
  • Is a career .252 hitter in seven minor league seasons with the Braves.

Any thoughts on the new acquisition?


Is Pena Jr. seen by the organization as a potential replacement/upgrade for Angel Berroa?

The Berroa project is now officially over. Average defense and horrible at the plate. Berroa has some of the quickest hands in baseball but little idea of what to do at bat. He swings at anything. It can be 3-2 and if I was a pitcher I would not throw a strike. That said, I do not know what the Royals are planning for Berroa. I say eat the contract and move on. No one is going to trade for him unless we pay a goodly portion of his salary. I had thought that Berroa would start the season as SS, but be replaced by the end of the year. I think this is a solid move. If young Pena works out thats great, if not we lose a prospect in trying to replace a huge hole in our lineup.

I think this trade worked out very well for both sides. I am a huge braves fan and wish Pena Jr. could have stayed. Unfortunatly he was out of options. I think KC picked up a great SS for this season as well as the future. Best of luck to the kid, he definitly deserves a big league spot!

As Firehouse sang “bye bye baby bye bye” mr. Berroa. I appreciate the manager and Royal’s brass sticking up for Berroa, but the solid truth is that watching Berroa confirms the street theory that he has had a clause in his contract for years that says he “doesn’t have to leave his feet” to make a play. He can spout off about effort, but he can’t produce it on the field. He’s one of these players who is gifted and never learned to play beyond those gifts. It takes more than attendance to equal effort and his has stunk for years. And did I mention is presence at the plate? More accurately, that should be “presents”. I don’t know if he is clueless there or lazy too. But at this level you are judged by results. You’ve got your rookie of the year trophy Angel. And I hope this blog inspires you to be the best SS of all time. But I suspect that instead, your time at SS is over.

Angel had to go, this might be one of the strongest signs yet that the Royals and D Moore really have a vison that might allow us to have a successful season someday. The long term contract to Berroa was one of Baird’s worst moves. We all liked A Baird and he looked the part of a Big League GM and he talked a good game. Most of us really were pulling for him but he made so many bad moves they out weighted his good moves. There were always excuses but he made so many bad moves. He let Ibanez go because he won’t add a year to his deal and then signed Berroa to a long term deal based on one good year when we had total control of those negotiations for 3 or 4 years. How would a real team leader named Raul with his 123 RBI’s from last year look in this line-up? Sweeney is the leader of the MASH Unit, we have allowed the on field leaders like Dye and Ibanez to walk away from this team. Now I will start to believe in this team, maybe we need a new T-shirt slogan that says “Now We can Believe”.

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