Lineups: Royals on T.V. Tonight

The Royals host the Oakland Athletics Wednesday night in Surprise, Ariz., and all of us in the greater Kansas City area get to watch…finally!

It’s the first televised game of the year and fans can tune in to RSTN at 8 p.m. for complete game coverage. In fact, you can tune in at 7:30 p.m. for a Royals pre-season special prior to the game. Here’s tonight’s starting lineups….

For the Royals:
German – 2B
Gload – LF
Teahen – CF
Sweeney – DH
Gordon – 3B
Sanders – RF
Shealy – 1B
Buck – C
Berroa – SS
Bannister – P

For the Athletics:
Stewart – LF
Crosby – SS
Piazza – DH
Chavez – 3B
Swisher – CF
Ellis – 2B
Johnson – 1B
Melhuse – C
Ledee – RF
Blanton – P


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Prediction Time–

First Game

CF DeJesus

2B Grud

RF Teahen

DH Sweeney

3B Gordon

LF Brown

1B Shealy

C Buck

SS Berroa

SP 1–Meche





Last game of the year

1–Gload will be starting every day for either Brown or Shealy. I am betting that one will go into a dismal slump and how can you not play a guy who hits 300?

2–LaRue for Buck. Buck got better defensively, but worse offensively.

3–Gonzalez/German for Berroa. There is a huge difference between a BA of 230 and 260. All I want from C and SS is solid defense and an offence that does not hurt the club.

Greinke will begin as the number 5 starter and end up as the number 3 guy. If the injury bug hits then number 2.

SP 1–Meche





Gobble and Wellemeyer will get some starts. Elarton will be around 5.50-6.00 ERA. That was OK last year, but not this one. If he ever strings together a few good starts we might trade him.

Royals will play around 500 ball and end up maybe 5-10 games under. Tough division this year.

Hope springs eternal.

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