Lineups: Two Weeks to Opening Day

The Royals (8-11) look to snap a three-game losing streak when they host the Chicago White Sox (8-12) in Surprise, Ariz., Monday afternoon.

For the Royals:
No. 3    Esteban German – 2B
No. 11  Ross Gload – RF
No. 24  Mark Teahen – CF
No. 29  Mike Sweeney – DH
No. 7    Alex Gordon – 3B
No. 35  Emil Brown – LF
No. 43  Ryan Shealy – 1B
No. 6    Jason LaRue – C
No. 4    Angel Berroa – SS
No. 23  Zack Greinke – P

For the White Sox:
No. 17   Darin Erstad – 1B
No. 15  Tadahito Iguchi – 2B
No. 14  Paul Konerko – DH
No. 23  Jermaine Dye – RF
No. 24  Joe Crede – 3B
No. 12  A.J. Pierzynski – C
No. 5    Juan Uribe – SS
No. 10  Rob Mackowiak – LF
No. 32  Brian Anderson – CF
No. 78  Adam Russell – P

FYI…Opening Day is exactly two weeks away – is Spring Training going as well as you had expected?

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I think the spring has gone almost exactly as expected. Alex Gordon has shined and will win a job, Mark Teahen has made it easier by playing a decent outfield, a few injuries have hit but nothing killer. The pitching has gone about as well as expected, but you can’t be too comfortable entering the season … especially when facing rotations like the one in Detroit.

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