Lineups: Butler Starts in Right

The Royals take their 8-8 record into Peoria, Ariz., Friday afternoon to face the Seattle Mariners. Right-hander Brian Bannister takes the mound looking to improve his chances for a spot in the starting rotation. Non-roster invitee Billy Butler, who has already shown how phenomenal he is with a bat, gets a start in the field today.

For the Royals:
Gathright – CF
Gonzalez – 3B
Gload – 1B
Brown – LF
Butler – RF
Buck – C
Tupman – DH
Berroa – SS
Blanco – 2B

Bannister  – SP

For the Mariners:
Suzuki – CF 
Beltre – 3B 
Vidro – DH 
Ibanez – LF 
Sexson – 1B
Broussard – RF 
Johjima – C
Lopez – 2B
Bloomquist – SS

Batista – P


Don’t give in to the pressure to keep Butler on the 25-man roster! Yes, he is having an incredible Spring Training at the plate, but we already knew he could hit. The fact is, he is a liability in the field… he needs more work. Send him to AAA, and let him gain experience in the outfield. The reality is, he would make a good replacement for Sweeney when he gets injured.

No, send him to AAA.

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