Caravan Changes Make Room for Smiling Kids and Full Stomachs

Blog Note – The Royals Caravan was scheduled to head to Nebraska on Monday, Jan. 15. However, due to the weekend’s winter storm, the trip was shortened by a day. Royals Director of Community Relations Ben Aken offered these comments on the day’s activities. 

When we received the disappointing news that we were going to have to postpone our trip to Nebraska for the Winter Caravan, we looked for alternatives for our day in Kansas City. Royals pitcher Ryan Braun took in a workout at Kauffman Stadium while we delivered the news to Nebraska media outlets and fans that the caravan schedule had changed. Following Ryan’s workout, we decided to make the best of the day and took in some KC BBQ before visiting children undergoing treatments at a local hospital. While he has spent most of his off-season where Carolina style is king, Ryan was happy to see why Kansas Citians do BBQ better.

After stuffing our faces with more beef brisket than we should, we headed over to see the kids at the hospital. For over two hours, Ryan visited with children and their families. Ryan was a big hit when he distributed Sluggerrr dolls and Royals Build-A-Bears, along with signing many autographs. Ryan_braun_and_kids_at_hospital

While we were frustrated we couldn’t travel to Nebraska for the Caravan today (a trip to his home state for this Royals Associate), it was such a satisfying time to create a few smiles for kids who probably have more on their minds than slick streets and winter storms.

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