Filling Buck's Seat

Buck_3_1 On what ordinarily would have been just another Thursday in January, a Kansas City legend was instead remembered for the impact he left on a community.

Just in case you didn’t hear about our press conference Thursday afternoon, we announced the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat program with a presentation at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. It’s a program where we will fill “Buck’s seat” at Kauffman Stadium for every 2007 home game with a member of the community who, on a large or small scale, embodies an aspect of Buck’s spirit. Check out writer **** Kaegel’s coverage of the press conference and, if you have someone in mind, feel free to nominate someone via our online application found on

Even though we’re sure we’ll get flooded with nominations immediately, we won’t be booking all 81 games right away. Instead, we’d rather keep dates open and collect nominations all season long, reacting to current events important to our area. Don’t worry though, we’ll have the seat filled for Opening Day! We actually Buck_oneil_legacy_seat_logoplan on honoring a special recipient who had a close connection with Buck.

We all know Buck was no stranger to Kauffman Stadium, planted in the seat he held for years behind home plate. And, obviously, it’s going to be hard to imagine anyone who would even come close to matching the legacy he has left. However, we are hoping all you out there in Royals Nation can help us find people who still deserve to be honored and who will join us in remembering Buck all season long.

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I was just scanning your site, and by chance, I saw that you had signed infielder Alex S. Gonzalez to a minor league deal. I’ve followed Gonzalez’ career since he came up as a prospect, and he is one of my favourite players.
Gonzalez was a class act when he played for the Blue Jays, and a premium defender. He also has some pop.

If he impresses in the spring, what are the chances he’ll be given a spot on the 25-man roster after Blanco comes back?

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