“Barnstorming” Southeast Kansas

Blog Note – The following is posted by Royals Vice President of Public Relations, Toby Cook, who traveled to his native southeast Kansas Thursday for a one-day caravan with some recognizable Royals.  Royals Senior Director of PR, Lora Grosshans, also went along.  She and Toby will provide posts throughout a three-day trip to east-central Kansas next Monday through Wednesday.  You can read about that now on the home page of royals.com, and mlb.com writer **** Kaegel will report on caravan activities throughout January as well.

Ever timed how fast you can eat a burrito?

I haven’t either, but I feel like, if we had yesterday, we could have broken some kind of burrito-eating record. This was the lunch stop at Ernesto’s Mexican Food in Parsons, Kan., stop number two on our one-day Caravan.  Yeah, we barely let Royals 2006 Player of the Year Mark Teahen eat before sending him off to sign more autographs.

Royals Hall of Famer Frank White said it best Thursday when he labeled our four-stop trip as an old-fashioned “barnstorming.” Spending an hour or less at each location – Fort Scott, Parsons, Coffeyville and Iola, Kan. – we were obviously rushed. We did zip in and out, but we couldn’t help but notice the excitement of everyone we met. Our crew, which also included General Manager Dayton Moore and mascot Sluggerrr, met hundreds of fans who seemed to be just as excited about the upcoming season as we are. Iola, you definitely get the prize for most autographs sought out in an hour – at least 200!

All in all, it was a great – yet fast – kickoff to the 2007 Caravan and we are looking forward to heading west into Kansas Monday with a little more time to play with and a lot more fans to meet.

By the way, write in if you came to one of our stops Thursday. Which one did you attend? And did you see Sluggerrr eat that burrito in a minute and a-half?

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