Royals Notes

With the busy off-season around here, I think we are all looking forward to the holidays. Before we shut down and lock up Kauffman Stadium for the year (we reopen Jan. 2), I thought I’d clean up my desk and share a few odds and ends I found piling up.

HEALIN’ TEAHEN: Royals third baseman…or outfielder? Well, regardless of where he plants his cleats, Mark Teahen says he feels confident that he will be ready to join the team when the Royals hit the dirt in March. Teahen, who had surgery on his right shoulder Sept. 8 and has been rehabbing at his home in Peoria, Ariz., says his recovery is moving along on schedule and we could not be happier to hear it. Welcome back, Mark!

Sweeney_pope_copyOFF-SEASON BLESSINGS: Mike Sweeney is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to raking in the prayers for a winning season. In an off-season trip to Rome, Sweeney and his family had the honor of not only meeting, but also receiving a blessing from, Pope Benedict XVI.  Here’s Mike’s son, Michael James, receiving his blessing – “I would be honored to have others feel joy from seeing a little boy being blessed by the Pope,” Mike told us.

PITCHERS GALORE: Royals General Manager Dayton Moore stuffed three more pitchers into the Royals Christmas stocking on Wednesday, Dec. 20, signing right-hander David Riske to a one-year contract and right-handers Brandon Duckworth and Zach Day to Minor League deals. That makes several new arms – including Gil Meche, John Bale, Octavio Dotel, Ken Ray, Brian Bannister and Joakim Soria – the Royals will be turning to in 2007. Now the question that remains, is Moore done shopping yet?

MIDWEST TOUR: We are busy packing our bags for the annual Royals Caravan, which kicks off January 4 with a trip to Southeast Kansas. The Caravan will hit at least four states this year – Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas – making stops at more than 30 destinations. Bus riders include Manager Buddy Bell, GM Dayton Moore, Assistant GM Dean Taylor, players Mark Teahen, John Buck, Luke Hudson, David DeJesus and many more. Make sure and check the website in the next week or two for complete details.

FOUNTAIN MAKEOVER: Fountain_work_dec_2007_1_1Although the big stadium renovation isn’t scheduled to take place until after the 2007 season, things here at Kauffman haven’t been silent this winter. A host of upgrades –including a $1 million electrical upgrade and a repainted “sun roof” – will help freshen up “The K” for the new season. The most visual upgrade: a repainted outfield water spectacular display.

BERROA’S BUNDLE: The smile on shortstop Angel Berroa’s face grew this off-season as he and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed their first child, Angel Luis Berroa, in November. Little Baby Berroa is just one of several new additions to the Royals extended family this off-season.  Congrats to everyone!

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Happy Holidays, Royals Nation! We’ll see you in January!


Congratulations to the Berroa’s! Little one’s are always fun to have around!

I also must say I’m thrilled with the Royals offseason. As a lifelong fan, it’s nice to see them be a player in the free-agent market again! It’s been too long since that happened!

Riske is an excellent sign and will be a quality set-up man in the pen with potential to close if called upon. He’s got great stuff. Duckworth is nice AAA insurance for the rotation and could crack the staff with a strong spring.

Those are a couple of the better signings Moore has made. By midseason, it’s quite possible they take the pitching slots that were originally designated for the two headliner guys Moore way overpaid for: Dotel and Meche.

RE: “Is Moore done shopping yet?” It would appear so. There are huge holes in the starting rotation, shortstop and a pretty weak outfield. But unless the Royals find a trading partner for Berroa/E.Brown/Teahan, they’re going to have to stand pat. You’ll probably see some non-roster invitees and AAA filler in the next couple months.

Signing Mark Loretta would make a whole lot of sense, as he could platoon at 3b with Gordon/Teahan, and get spot starts at 2b and ss. I suspect that he’ll go somewhere that will guarantee him daily starts at a solitary position.

Congrats on little Angel! “bbogner”, We have German,who plays all infield positions but 1st, I doubt we need Loretta. Teahen can move to the OF and Gordon in anothr year will be at third. Meche? better than any pitcher on the squad last year, and it young enough to get better. Dotel, we’ll see. I doubt anyone wants Berroa, I see a 3 team deal with Brown, and Sanders, and a prospect, or 2. Teahen is too valuable a future bat, and has an outfielders build, and athleticisim. Agreed, on Riske, and yes Duckworth seems to be a 4A player, but we’ll see. I doubt he’ll be better than Meche.

Oh! One other note. Duckworth is 30 years old. If he was going to be a Cy Young canidate, it would have already happened. Meche still has an upside to him. Dotel? That’s a flyer, if he works out, it allows the farm to develop another closer, if he works out, then there’s a club option year. Ross Gload is a good trade, especially if Sweeney goes down with the back again! I’m curious to see what Bannister does…. I don’t want to see Berroa “go” I’d really like to see him concentrate……….

We’ll have to see. Dotel has the potential to be a solid closer if not a good set up guy, and pitchers recovering from Tommy John typically do much better their second year. Meche will do fine, but the answers to the Royals problems are all in the farm system. They should keep developing, and create a solid home grown team.

“falejandro” You’re dead on! It appears that’s what Dayton Moore is doing. Remember, you have to be able to keep the young prospects down in the minors, so they can develop.If they hadn’t traded for Gload, they may have had to bring up Butler. Meche is a veteran piece of a 2008 puzzle, to go with the youngsters like Lumsden, Hochevar, and Greinke.
I agree, Dotel takes care of an immediate need,and has the expierience.It’s only a one year deal with a club option… which should read: “Club option if another prospect doesn’t come forth to be a closer”. Sometimes you have to bring in players so you can allow your farm system to develop, and from the looks of it, it is!

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